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Friday, November 20, 2009

How to survive on $100 a week

No one told me that being in business was going to be easy. It’s not enough to make a dollar stretch, that dollar has to squeal like a torched pig. This week, my paycheck was only $100, so I know I need to make that last until next Friday. The most important thing in my budget is my gas, as I drive a lot.

My goal is to save $10 a week. I purchased $20 worth of food at the grocery store, and used the cashback option to get $10 out of my account without paying the $2.00 atm fee. I rolled up the $1 bills in a rubber band and furtively stashed them.

I just got the notice today from my lender’s attorney, saying they were going to foreclose. Oddly enough, as soon as I saw the envelope I got a rush of euphoria. Yes, euphoria. I have been expecting the hammer to drop for such a long time that when it finally did drop I felt better. For better or worse, it is always satisfying to be right. It hit me so hard that I think I may actually have been knocked temporarily silly.

As I tore open the letter, I saw that the bank was asking me to pay $279,000 or forfeit my home. I immediately thought “Well, at least there’s hope. I could make $300,000 in 6 months.” See what I mean? I think I must be a junkie for abuse or something. The voice ( oh yeah , the Voice) says that surely, all my problems would be over if I made, say $500,000 in the next 4 months.

I could just walk away from this house, and save up for another... hopefully.  But the entrepreneur in me can let it go. This is my home, and they will have to claw it out of my hands while I kick their groin area repeatedly. I've got a few strategies I'm considering.

1. Work really hard this month and put together $10,000 to pay a lawyer just to sue Citimortgage. Repeatedly. I have been through 3 different loan modification programs with them, and the only thing I am sure of is that they refuse to agree to a permanent solution. I will have no where to live if they foreclose. The process of kicking a mother and child out of their home should be as expensive as possible for Citimortgage.

2. Make $279,000 before the sherrif's sale. Hey, it could happen, right? Right? RIGHT?

3. List my home and hope it sells in 3 months or less.I believe I could sell my home for what I paid for it. Did I also mention that I believe the world is square and fairy dust cures the swine flu?Webfetti.com

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