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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Magic Text

I've always said that having my own business is like having a child. During the first years of a child's life, they largely depend on you for everything. If your child doesn't show certain behaviors on time, it's implied that it is your fault.  I just released my new trainee into the field,  and I am worried to make sure that she succeeds. After all, if you can't help others be successful, are you really a success yourself? It also doesn't help that my future career hangs in the balance.

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No pressure or anything. When I moved over to Minneapolis from my previous office, there was a hysterical level  of drama. The office got closed down because the other manager was having an affair with one of his agents, and everyone was in an uproar. Complaints were filed, fits where thrown and chaos ensued. While this is clearly an abbreviated version of events( the true story being too convoluted for a blog posting), I escaped from that office with my reputation singed, but my honor intact. The rumor was that I couldn't train other agents because I was too Difficult to Work With.

The Difficult to Work With label is very very sticky. It is what men call women they can't control or predict. I must confess. I secretly admire the Wilhemina on Ugly Betty. But does this make me evil? I think not! This label is the corporate version of the scarlet letter. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton is described as " Difficult to Work With". That label cost her the presidency. So you can understand my concern.

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I had to start all over with hiring when I moved to Minneapolis. I hired someone I thought was a rock star, and have tried my best to pour everything I know about sales into her for the last 2 weeks. I'm proud of her, but I can tell the stress is getting to her. Insurance, weird as it sounds, is not for the faint of heart. Every day in the home is a a war to sell, and either you sell a policy and leave with a check, or you get sold the " I want to think" about it excuse, and leave with a headache.

I wouldn't have hired her if  I wasn't convinced she could be successful. Who would want's that on their conscience if a new hire fails? At the end of the day though, the question has to be answered. Can she be successful? I'm waiting on pins and needles for the magic text: I got a sale! If I get that text, she will be one of the highest producing agents, I know it. But if I don't get the text,she may become discouraged, and I may not be trusted to train new agents again.

Pray for success Ya'll!

Love Peace, and stamina

Mrs. Mad Biz

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